More! Magazine

I recently had work experience at More mag and loved it. I know if I were to actually be a part of the team I’d get more responsibility than I did that week, but they gave me the opportunity to try different things like take photos of a model and edit them for the website, research celebrity fashion and gossip, source materials for shoots, find photos for future magazine editions, assist on a photo shoot and help the team with their work load. It wasn’t all exciting and fun, but what job is? Most of the time it was great and a very good insight into the industry.








Some of my photographs are on the site! Which I’m quite proud of, not that they’re particularly amazing photos, but just a bit of publication to show off. Here’s the link …

It’s a good site and magazine, has a bit of everything a girl could want, I’ve been reading it since I was a teen so to work there was quite surreal.


Don’t ask me why, but I always find The Hills show so addictive. I know it’s not all real, but it’s still the best made reality show so far in my opinion. The others that followed like Towie, Jersey Shore and Made in Chelsea just aren’t as good, they’re all a bit tacky. I love the soundtrack more than anything though! I’ve begun my own playlist for easy listening. They always dressed amazingly, I was always a fan of Lauren’s dress sense.

I brought her Style book … It has so much inside like how to dress to your body shape, how to wear certain make up, style your hair, different colours to wear. If you’re in anyway interested in fashion then this is worth a look at!

I also find her website really helpful, she adds all bits nd pieces that she’s interested in, like home decorating, cooking, a primping section, fashion, her books and a section for everything she gets up to recorded with a lot of instagrams …

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Long time no see…

Well, the last few months were manic and the blog had to take a back seat. Sorry it’s been so long! I’ve now finished University and am searching for a job! It’s hard, I keep putting myself out there and I’m getting nothing back, sitting about the house is so boring!! So to keep my sanity I will continue with my blog. Now I don’t have a specific project, I aim to mix up the posts from other areas such as fashion and music, as well as anything that takes my interest in the art world.

David Hockney

Probably an obvious artist to jump to, Hockney makes collages out of his photographs, which I think are amazing and well put together. The main theme behind them is discussing the way the human vision works. It fits in with Cubism. Here is Hockney’s site …

Young Me, Now Me

Photographs of the young them and the now them, in a similar position, very much like the Like Mom, Like Dad photographs …

Like Mom, Like Dad

This is quite simply a site that has photographs of peoples mums and dads from when they were younger, with a picture of their child retaking an image of themselves in the same position …

Dear Photograph

This is a site that shows a collection of photographs within photographs. The photographer holds up a photograph in the same position and place and then retakes the image. This could be an idea for my project, but I don’t think I would properly pursue it as a final idea seeing as so many others have tried it. I’d like to come out with something as original as possible. Here’s the site …

Nicholas Nixon

He has created a lovely series of his wife with her three sisters, named The Brown Sisters. Each year he retakes a photo of the four women, like a family photograph. I think it’s a beautiful series and I can imagine the sisters looking back at the images and feeling nostalgic of not only the day it was taken, but also of how they felt at each age and what was going on in their lives every time. Here is a link to the Fraenkel Gallery that has the whole collection of images … Also here’s a site with information about his project …

My Major Project

As is said on nostalgia is “a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happinessĀ of a former place or time.”

This nostalgia will also relate to photographs and objects, it’s a moment where we think back to the past and wish to be there again or feel how we did when it was going on. I did a project on nostalgia back in my second year, using my trip to California as inspiration as this project developed, it made me think about many things from the past, the main being how much I loved spending that time with my family and being all care free and unaware of what the future held. I want to develop this look into nostalgia further for my major project.

As I have become interested in rephotography as of late, I wish to bring this into my project as well, I have begun thinking about a now and then project using my family and memories. I want to look into the concept of nostalgia and create a series that focuses on this. A few ideas for photos are finding places that me or a family member used to go to, or even still do and take along an object that makes me think of them to place into the picture. This way the photograph works in two separate ways with nostalgia, one with updating and recreating the nostalgia and also adding another item of nostalgia to the photo.

Another option is creating a remade photo album of places I went as a child, but with me the age I am now.

As my grandmother died when I was born, I’ve always been very interested in who she was, I’d be intrigued to visit places she liked by talking to my dad about her, creating a series that works with my fathers memories of his mum and also creating a kind of nostalgia for myself. Even though I never properly knew my grandmother, the objects I own that are hers and the stories I know leave me with a feeling of nostalgia or never knowing, I wish I could go back to when she was alive and get to know her.

I will begin looking into artists that work within rephotography and also who use found photography as a part of their works.

Simon Norfolk

Norfolk is a documentary photographer; one of his main passions seems to be war photography. The last ten years has been spent looking at the term “battlefield.” My main interest is in his collaboration with John Burke’s photographs of Afghanistan in the nineteenth century. Norfolk returned to Afghanistan in 2010 to rephotograph the war scene. He updated the photographs Burke originally took by showing the modern day war. I think they are beautiful images, even in such a sad scene. He has his own site and a linked site to the Norfolk + burke …