Don’t ask me why, but I always find The Hills show so addictive. I know it’s not all real, but it’s still the best made reality show so far in my opinion. The others that followed like Towie, Jersey Shore and Made in Chelsea just aren’t as good, they’re all a bit tacky. I love the soundtrack more than anything though! I’ve begun my own playlist for easy listening. They always dressed amazingly, I was always a fan of Lauren’s dress sense.

I brought her Style book … It has so much inside like how to dress to your body shape, how to wear certain make up, style your hair, different colours to wear. If you’re in anyway interested in fashion then this is worth a look at!

I also find her website really helpful, she adds all bits nd pieces that she’s interested in, like home decorating, cooking, a primping section, fashion, her books and a section for everything she gets up to recorded with a lot of instagrams …

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