From a young age, I have always loved being creative. Whether it be in dance, singing, acting or art and I doubt this will ever change…

I took up photography in sixth form and have loved it ever since. The power of freezing a moment in time was just fascinating to me and it still amazes me now.

As a photographer, I tend to observe the world from a distance, taking in the beauty of things I perceive. From studying psychology in Sixth Form, I’ve begun a fascination with looking at people and places in a manor of observing and understanding, rather than becoming involved. I believe a photograph can tell an entire story about an individual or location, just as psychology can tell you exactly why a person is the way they are. It is all about observing the situation.

I have just graduated University with a 2:1, having had the chance to experiment with a lot of different aspects of photography, I feel I can enter the real world with all the knowledge I would need. Now I aim to get as much industry experience as I can!