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John Divola

Divola has done many projects throughout the last 40 years, most of which revolve around the landscape in some form or another. Series’ that have caught my attention are the Zuma series that works with an abandoned house, Divola records the changes that happen over time within the building, both natural and human alterations.

Another is his Isolated Houses series, which is exactly what the title states, a series of isolated houses out in the desert. His websites is

Robert Hendry

He works within a lot of fields, but I picked out his dereliction works due to his eye on texture and colour within the decay… I think they are quite beautiful. Something I will definitely take into my own work!

Kevin Bauman

Bauman has done various projects, some on lightening and the skyline, and another on churches. My favourite work is his 100 Abandoned Houses project, each one taken the same from the front of the house, take a look on his site …

Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre

Photographers from Paris who concentrate on dereliction, they have done projects called Theaters and the more famous Ruins of Detroit. Their website is

Frank Van Der Salm

Again, he looks at repetition. I feel it relates with symmetry as well. Here’s his website:

Andreas Gursky

He looks at repetition mainly within buildings, it caught my eye because of the patterns. Here’s a website from Matthew Marks Gallery:

Naoya Hatakeyma

He works a lot with reflections and the dark. I’m starting to look towards symmetry for my project so this fits in quite well….

These are a few websites I’ve found on his work, the River and Shadow Series: … He also has a book called River Series/shadow:

One Off’s

So, I’ve added a selection of my fav photographers I’ve found so far. I also have a few images I’ve found that are just one offs.

There’s some beautiful images I found on 1x by Iraklis … … Alessandra Della Casa … … Stefano Longhi …