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Simon Norfolk

Norfolk is a documentary photographer; one of his main passions seems to be war photography. The last ten years has been spent looking at the term “battlefield.” My main interest is in his collaboration with John Burke’s photographs of Afghanistan in the nineteenth century. Norfolk returned to Afghanistan in 2010 to rephotograph the war scene. He updated the photographs Burke originally took by showing the modern day war. I think they are beautiful images, even in such a sad scene. He has his own site and a linked site to the Norfolk + burke …

John Divola

Divola has done many projects throughout the last 40 years, most of which revolve around the landscape in some form or another. Series’ that have caught my attention are the Zuma series that works with an abandoned house, Divola records the changes that happen over time within the building, both natural and human alterations.

Another is his Isolated Houses series, which is exactly what the title states, a series of isolated houses out in the desert. His websites is

Third View

So I’ve begun my research paper for University and the first artist I have been writing about is Mark Klett and his team doing the Third View project. Overall it is a rephotography project, which simply put is retaking photographs of the same space. This could be years, days, hours, even minutes later than the previous image was shot.

Klett was originally part of a the second view project as well, which started from a large selection of photographs taken in the 19th century for a geographic survey. Now onto their third view, it’s become quite a project. The images are from the same view, but the change within them is what makes them interesting. The website is …

Gerard Byrne

Byrne’s work doesn’t fit at all with my previous dereliction works, but I really enjoy his use of colour in his series A Country Road, can find information here about him …

David Ward

This photographer is one of my favourites right now and a big inspiration to my project. He’s the reason I want to use landscapes as my theme. I love the simplicity of his images, he focuses on the texture… the colour… the composition. Above all, he focuses on the beauty of everything he sees.

Here is a slideshow of a select few from his website. You can see the lot here …