Our Dearly Departed

A Family Archived

This was my Advanced Major Project as part of my degree:

Whilst looking through my family albums, it occurred to me how little I know about my family tree. This began with the images of those that had lived long before I was born and then extended to relatives that had been alive when I was. With the belief that family is an important part in life, my project constructs a creative solution to the many gaps in my knowledge involving my family history.

This work uses the medium of scanning to produce montages and bookwork that merge text, memories and photographs to create a contemporary approach to ancestry and produce an archive of images that document my family tree. It falls into two sections, finding a resolve with the relatives none of my living family knows and gaining familiarity with relatives that I have acquired recollections of.

Using the concept of nostalgia with text and imagery, this project invites the viewer to relate their own memories of family, and lack of, with my collection, which illustrates the distance between generations and how undocumented history can be so easily lost.